Larry thor

Larry Thor was a Canadian actor who portrayed Mr. Bronson in Barney's Physical. He was born August 27, 1916 and died March 15, 1976 in Santa Monica, Ca of a heart attack. He was in such shows as Perry Mason, Hazel, The Munsters, Gilligans Island, Mod Squad, The Invaders, Family Affair, My Three Sons, and tv movie, Night Games.


  • Was born as Arnleifur Lawrence Thorsteinson
  • He was married to actress Jean Howell
  • Announcer on CBS Radio's "The Adventures of Rocky Jordan" (1948-1953).
  • Starred as detective Danny Clover on CBS Radio's "Broadway is My Beat" (1949-1954).
  • Announcer for CBS Radio's "The Green Lama" (1949

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