June vincent

June Vincent (July 1920 - November 2008) is an American actress who played the actress being Aunt Bee when the Taylors arrived to watch "Sheriff Without a Gun" being filmed.

Mini BioEdit

June Vincent was born on July 17, 1920 in Harrods, Ohio, USA as Dorothy June Smith. She was an actress, known for Black Angel (1946), Can't Help Singing (1944) and Here Come the Co-eds (1945). She was married to William M. Sterling. She died on November 20, 2008 in Aurora, Colorado, USA.

Trivia (thanks to IMDB)Edit

  • June has three children - two daughters and a son. One daughter is singer Mindy Sterling (not to be confused with actress Mindy Sterling).
  • June was the daughter of a pastor. She began her career as a model with "Harper's Bazaar" at the age of 17 (and befriended Lauren Bacall). She joined Universal under contract in 1943, later moving on to Columbia where she was cast in a string of westerns and crime melodramas.
  • Upon her death, she was laid to rest at Olinger Eastlawn Cemetery in Aurora, Colorado.
  • She was a lifelong staunch conservative Republican.
  • When she began her acting career at Universal Studios, she not only got the ball rolling with a higher salary then all the other starting out; she also got to meet and have dinner with legendary actress Greta Garbo during her first week in Hollywood, California.
  • She kept every single W2 from every single film or TV show she did and maintained them in an enormous box which she later took into SAG, dropped on the front desk, and asked for her pension when she decided to retire in 1976.
  • She was close friends with Judy Canova, and Lois Collier.
  • Blond-haired leading lady in low-budget Hollywood fare of the 40's.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 6-

The Taylors in Hollywood

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