Jim Lindsey
Full Name James Lindsey
Occupation Guitar player
First Episode The Guitar Player
Last Episode The Guitar Player Returns
Spin-off Appearances
Portrayed by James Best

Jim Lindsey is a guitar-playing Mayberry native and member of Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat. He starts out as a local who plays his guitar in the street, often annoying the shopkeepers, but Andy Taylor sees enough potential in Jim to get him into Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat. Eventually, Jim becomes successful enough to try getting himself into a partnership with Bobby Fleet, but Bobby turns him down and Jim leaves the group to go solo. When this doesn't work out, he heads back to Mayberry still believing he's a success. When he ends up badly in debt, Andy smooths things over between him and Bobby to get him back into the group.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit


Gallery of Jim Lindsey

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