Janet Waldo

Janet Waldo (February 4, 1920 – June 12, 2016) appeared in one episode of The Andy Griffith Show titled "A Wife for Andy". She made frequent appearances on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", but she is mainly remembered by her voice on radio and on TV cartoon series. For Hanna-Barbera, she has played Judy Jetson on "The Jetsons", Mrs. Slaghoople (Fred's mother-in-law) on "The Flintstones" and Penelope Pitstop on "Wacky Races". She voiced a babysitter in the last theatrically-released Hanna-Barbera "Tom & Jerry" cartoon, Tot Watchers. She can be heard in the animated features The Man Called Flintstone, Rene Laloux's Fantastic Planet, Heidi's Song and Once upon a Forest. Her other film appearances include Sing You Sinners, The Gracie Allen Murder Case, The Star Maker and Honeymoon in Bali. On Focus on the Family's "Adventures in Odyssey" radio series, she was the voice of Joanne Allen. She is the widow of noted playwright Robert E. Lee.

The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

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