Original airdate
February 5, 1962
Directed by
Written by


The state police come to town to catch some payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way and let them handle it. The big boys end up needing Andy and Barney more than they thought.


Andy and Barney learn from an officer with the State Bureau of Investigation, that a payroll robber arrived in town on the morning bus. They are willing to help out, but the officer refuses their help in catching the crook and his partner. Horton even goes so far as to tell Andy that usually the local sheriff will often times try to grab the headlines, & try to make themselves look good for the local voters. Andy quickly tells him that is not the way things are done in Mayberry, & tells Horton that it will be a pleasure to leave them alone.

However, when the officer nabs his man and locks him up at the Jail, Barney accidentally frees him, pretending to be a con that is locked up with him, leaving the officer with a less than favorable impression on the local law enforcement agency. In attempt to help recapture Malloy and ultimately find his partner, Andy and Barney launch their own search and are successful in finding the robbers – with Officer Horton as their hostage. A tip leads them to the Half Moon Trailer Park. Barney slips into Malloy's car and hastily drives away, pulling the criminal's trailer behind.



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