Jack Burns
Date of Birth
November 15, 1933
Date of Death
Birth name
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death
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Jack Burns (born November 15, 1933) played Deputy Warren Ferguson on The Andy Griffith Show. His film appearances include The Night They Raided Minsky's and Sour Grapes. He performed on such TV series as "The Hollywood Palace", "The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour", "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" and "Fridays". In 1977 he was nominated for two Emmy Awards as both producer and writer for "The Muppet Show".


  • In his act, he would ask a question, then say "Hunh" several times after hearing the answer.
  • Started out in stand-up as one-half of the comedy team "Burns & Carlin" with George Carlin.
  • He can currently be heard on radio stations in a series of commercial spots, starring Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies. The series of commercials -- of which there are currently three -- are new versions of a series of TV ads, which Burns did with the late Lorenzo Music. Burns is the voice of Vince.


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