Howard Hesseman
Howard Hesseman (born February 27, 1940) appeared in two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, credited as "Don Sturdy". His two most prominent TV roles have been Dr. Johnny Fever on "WKRP in Cincinnati" (for which he received two Emmy Award nominations) and Charlie Moore on "Head of the Class". He has also played recurring roles on "The Bob Newhart Show", "Soap", "One Day at a Time", "That 70's Show", "Boston Legal" and "John from Cincinnati". His film appearances include Billy Jack, Shampoo, Whiffs, The Sunshine Boys, Silent Movie, The Other Side of Midnight, The Jerk, Americathon, Loose Shoes, Honky Tonk Freeway, Doctor Detroit, This Is Spinal Tap, Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, Clue, Disney's Flight of the Navigator, About Schmidt, Martian Child, The Rocker, Halloween II and All About Steve.

The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

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