Hollywood was a city in California in which television series and films were made. Several people from Hollywood made their way to Mayberry over the years, seeking to use either the town itself for location filming, or to concentrate on one of its residents—chiefly Andy Taylor—as a featured element in a project.

The season 1 episode, "Mayberry Goes Hollywood" was the town's first known brush with stardom. Producer Harmon selected Mayberry as the place he wanted to film a movie, thanks in no small part to Andy's effective sales pitch. But the town itself nearly blew the deal when it collectively lost its bucolic innocence by trying too hard to impress the producer. In the end, however, Harmon decided to stick with the town—though it was never revealed precisely which movie he filmed there.

Much later, Andy, Aunt Bee and Opie actually travelled for an extended vacation to Hollywood in a multi-episode arc in season 6. Over the course of "Off to Hollywood", "The Taylors in Hollywood", and "The Hollywood Party", the Taylors were in California to observe the filming of Sheriff Without a Gun, a film based on a magazine article about Andy's efficacy as a lawman.

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