High Noon in Mayberry


Original airdate
January 21, 1963
Directed by
Written by


A man Andy put behind bars returns to Mayberry.


Andy receives a letter from ex-con Luke Comstock, whom he sent upriver after putting a bullet in his leg trying to rob a gas station. The letter says that Luke will be paying the Sheriff a visit in Mayberry. Barney jumps to the conclusion that he's coming for revenge and with Gomer's and Otis's help he sets up a twenty-four hour watch on Andy. Local resident Otis even gets some water dumped on him by Aunt Bee running around outside the House, she thought he was a alley cat. As it turns out, Comstock is coming to pay Andy a long overdue thanks for turning his life around, but not before Barney manages to get "all tied up" in his work.


  • The Deputy's Oath:
"As a deputy of the county of Mayberry, I swear to
uphold the laws and regulations therein, set to by
statute 426 C, county rules and regulations, put there
by this date, city of Mayberry, county of Mayberry,
  • Barney reveals, during a deputy swearing-in ceremony, that "Mayberry" is also the name of the county, as well as the town.
  • The title refers to the classic western High Noon (1952) starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, and is said of Everett Greenbaum to be directly inspired by the movie.
  • This is the first of many times Gomer is deputized.
  • This show's copyright has expired and it is now in the public domain.
  • Andy keeps an unloaded revolver on top of Aunt Bee's china cabinet. The bullets are kept in a drawer.
  • Prior to this episode there was no mail slot in the courthouse door. It remains for the rest of the series.
  • When the lights are turned off by Barney and gang, Andy goes out to the side of the front porch to the fuse box and turns the power back on. After this episode the fuse box is not seen again on the porch.


Barney: Put a mail sack on some people and it goes right to their head. 


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