Henrietta Perkins
Henritta perkins
Full Name Henrietta Perkins
Occupation housewife
First Episode Danny Meets Andy Griffith
Last Episode Danny Meets Andy Griffith
Spin-off Appearances N/A
Family N/A
Spouse Charlie Perkins
Romances N/A
Children N/A
Portrayed by Frances Bavier
Henrietta Perkins was a widow in Mayberry. She is only seen in the "pilot episode" for TAGS titled "Danny Meets Andy Griffith", which aired on the "Danny Thomas Show". She was portrayed by Frances Bavier: who would later be cast as "Aunt Bee Taylor".

Henrietta had trouble paying her taxes because she used all her money to rent her deceased husband Charlie's funeral clothes. She wanted him to "look successful" in death. She rented them from Mr. Johnson's Hand Me Down Store.


  • She won the shirt washing contest at the county fair every year.


Pilot Episode-