Mayor Purdy of Greendale

Greendale is an unseen town located somewhere in North Carolina, possibly somewhere near Mayberry or Mt. Pilot. Not much is known about the town.

When the town is left without a Sheriff, the town council gets together to look for an acting replacement. Finding a newspaper article about Mayberry, they decide to offer the job to Barney Fife is offered the position as Sheriff of Greendale. Eager to accept the job, Andy reminds Barney that being a Sheriff is a lot different than being a deputy and thinks Barney needs more experience, but Barney is still keen on accepting the job. After Andy allows Barney to be Sheriff of Mayberry for one day, Barney realizes that Andy was right, and calls the mayor of Greendale and declines the offer, citing that "Mayberry needs me."


  • It's never revealed what happened to the previous sheriff, but it seems his sudden departure means he merely died in while in office.


Season 3Edit