Gomer the House Guest


Original airdate
November 4, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Gomer moves into the Taylor House after losing his job at Wally's Filling Station.


Wally fires Gomer for talking too much and working too little, and since Gomer lives in the back of the filling station, the firing is also an eviction. Andy offers to take Gomer in, which is when the trouble starts. Gomer, on his own schedule, stays up late, does unnecessary chores, and makes noises all through the night. Before long, the Taylor house itself turns into another filling station, as Gomer's customers line up for repairs in Andy's driveway. Andy is able to prove to Wally that Gomer is the reason many of his customers come in, so Wally hires him back and Andy's life returns to normal.


  • Don Knotts is mentioned, but does not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first time Gomer is shown knowing a lot about and repairing cars
  • We learn that Gomer lives in the back of filling station in this episode but in a previous episode: The Great Filling Station Robbery it's clear that the filling station is deserted at night.
  • When Goober takes over the operation it's never stated where Goober lives and Goober is the only recurring character whose home we never get a glimpse of.
  • The television show the Taylor's are watching with Gomer: "Shep" is obvioulsy a spoof of "Lassie." Listen as Shep is able to communicate rather detailed and specific ideas via a few simple barks!
  • This is only one of four TAGS episodes where Gomer's name appears in the title. The others being A Date for Gomer, Andy Saves Gomer, and Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (episode).


Andy: Say, you, uh, ain't had any luck findin' a job, huh?
Gomer: No, but I'm goin' over to the market, now. They're advertisin' for an experienced butcher.
Andy: Do you know anything about cuttin' meat?
Gomer: You think they'll ask me that?

Gomer: “I think I'll go to Foley's market. They're looking for an experienced butcher.”
Andy: “You know anything about cuttin’ meat?”
Gomer: “You think they'll ask me that?”


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