Gomer Pyle, Super Chef

Gomer Pyle, Super Chef

Original air-date
14 Sept. 1966
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Original Airdate

Plot Sgt Hacker makes a $50.00 bet with Sgt Carter that in a week a knucklehead like Pyle can cook one decent meal by himself...Pyle causes oatmeal to overflow; drops crates of fruit from a truck and causes a stove to flare up and burn. When a visiting Colonel comes to vist Hacker and Carter are afraid Pyle will goof up again. Pyle actually prepares a decent meal {He couldn't understand the directions for cooking fish}. At the end...Pyle goofs up and blows up Hackers stove...!


  • Hacker has been a Mess sgt for 15 years
  • Hacker watched over Pyle making mashed potatoes,,until he had to leave for 45 seconds..the resulting potatoes taste as if they were make with cement ..or creosote!



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