Gomer Pyle, P.O.W.

Gomer Pyle, POW

Original air-date
24 Dec. 1965
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On training Exercises, Pyle is supposed to be captured by the "enemy" and reveal the wrong location of an attack exercise...but being Gomer...he messes up both the target exercise and his own capture Twice ! However while escaping Gomer captures 2 Platoons and gets a commendation...only he is captured again..and a woman's dress!


  • Gomer has a big appetite..while captured...he eats a 25 pound turkey, a case of six bottles of Soda pop; candy bars and a whole dinner buffet!


As many of you know, Jamie Farr went on to co-star in M*A*S*H, as Klinger, who wore his own Dog Tags from the Korean War, throughout the entire Eleven Seasons.

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