Foley's Grocery


Mayberry, directly next door to Floyd's Barbershop.

Notable visitors
Frequented by Aunt Bee, Clara and more.

Foley's Grocery Store is the main grocery store in Mayberry. It was located near the TV repair store and mortuary, just down the street from the courthouse and next door to the alley across from the Mayberry Hotel. Owned by Mr. Foley, it was frequented by many of the ladies and wives in town, including Aunt Bee Taylor, Clara Edwards and Emma Watson. Foley has had a few employees with him, including Fred Plummer, who may have been fired for sweeping debris into the street, and Opie Taylor, who ran deliveries. Foley was briefly annoyed for a time by Steve Quincy stealing apples and tomatoes, one of which was thrown at him.


Prices of groceries through the yearsEdit


  • Fat Back- $.17 a pound
  • Pork Sausage- $.49 a pound
  • Pork and Beans- $.10 a can
  • Pork Roast- $.27 a pound
  • Smoked sausage- $.59 a pound
  • Bacon- $.99 a pound

Fruits and VeggiesEdit

  • Cranberry Sauce- $.47 a can
  • Pears- 2lbs for $.25 cents
  • Tomatoes- 2lbs for $.25 cents
  • Lettuce- $.09 a head
  • String Beans- $.15 cents
  • Plums- $.05
  • Bananas- $.09
  • Peaches- $.10
  • Oranges- 3lbs for $.25
  • Carrots- 3lbs for $.25
  • Peas- $.10 cents
  • Celery- 1lbs for $.19 cents
  • Onions- 1lbs %.25 cents
  • Potatoes- $.29 cents for a 10lb bag


  • Syrup- $.27 a pint
  • Coffee- $.65 a can
  • Dressing- $.35 a jar
  • Sugar- $.54 cents a bag

Image GalleryEdit

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