Floyd's Barbershop


Mayberry, directly next door to the courthouse.

Notable visitors
Frequented by Andy, Barney, Mayor Pike, Jase, Opie, and more.

Floyd's Barbershop is Mayberry's hang out for all the townsmen. They can be seen not only getting their haircut and shaves, but also gossiping. Occasionally a woman may wander inside the barbershop as well. The barber and owner is Floyd Lawson.


Season 1-

  • Haircut - $1
  • Shampoo - $.75
  • Shave - $.35
  • Shine - $.25

Season 2-

  • Hair cut $1.75
  • Flattop $2.00
  • Butch $2.00
  • Shampoo .75 cent
  • Shave .50 cents
  • Tonics .25 cents




  • The set was recycled in Season 8 where it was used as Emmett's Fix-It Shop.
  • William Shatner (as Captain Kirk) can be seen with Floyd's Barbershop and the Mayberry Courthouse in a 1967 episode of "Star Trek", "The City on the Edge of Forever". [1]
  • In Stranger in Town, there is a door inside the barbershop that leads inside the Mayberry Beauty Shop.

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