Farmer Flint
Full Name  ? Flint
Occupation farmer
First Episode Ellie Saves a Female
Last Episode Ellie Saves a Female
Spin-off Appearances
Family (1 daughter)
Children Frances "Frankie" Flint
Portrayed by R.G. Armstrong

Farmer Flint was a farmer who worked with his only child, Frances "Frankie" Flint. Not wanting her to enjoy the pretty things women love, he is against her turning into a proper lady- He needs to keep her as a farm hand. He admits that he wished he could give his daughter all the things she loves; yet he only has her to help tend to the farm. Eventually he gives in- after seeing Andy do a little experiment: showing that Frankie can attach men- which in turn would one day work on Farmer Flint's land.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 1-

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