Emma Watson
Full Name Emma Brand-Watson
Occupation Mayberry Resident
First Episode The New Housekeeper (As Emma Brand)
Last Episode The Manicurist
Spin-off Appearances
Portrayed by Cheerio Meredith

Emma Watson (sometimes referred to as Emma Brand), is Mayberry's town hypochondriac played by actress Cheerio Meredith in six episodes of the first two seasons of The Andy Griffith Show. She is first seen living in a house near the lake, but an occurence with an escaped convict may have driven her closer to a house in town. She is close friends with Aunt Bee Taylor, often gossiping with her on main street in front of the courthouse. She also briefly works as a manicurist in Floyd's Barbershop. A chronic jay-walker, she annoys Barney who is constantly trying to ticket her; she attacks him with this fact when Barney tries to work as a salesman. Barney keeps a file on her called "The Emma Watson Case."


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit


Gallery of Emma Watson

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