Original Airdate

January 2, 1967


A stranger (George Jones) enters Mayberry sparking curiosity among Goober and Floyd as to why he's in town. Mr. Jones states he has come to Mayberry to search for the Ross treasure buried in government owned woods in Mayberry. The treasure is said to be worth $100,000 and has been buried since the Civil War. Mr. Jones needs 4 or 5 investors to put in $100 each for digging equipment. Floyd and Goober are hesitant to believe Mr. Jones' claim until he produces a map showing where the treasure is buried. Floyd and Goober excitedly give their $100 to Mr. Jones and much to the chagrin of Andy, Helen and Aunt Bee join in the expedition as well also giving $100 as investors. In the end Andy caves in this get-rich-quick scheme and gives $100 to Mr. Jones and requests to be a silent partner. As the show concludes, Mr. Jones leaves town with $500 while Goober and Floyd wait for him at the dig site. The final scene of the episode shows Helen, Aunt Bee, Goober and Floyd in the Taylor living room disgusted that they're each out of $100. Andy enters and the group praises Andy for trying to talk them out of the swindle, not knowing Andy was also a partner who lost $100.

In the epilogue, Andy, Helen, Aunt Bee, Goober and Floyd are shown in the courthouse. Andy has received a telegram from a legal authority stating Mr. Jones was captured as he exited his train in Miami. The group asks if Mr. Jones had the money on him and to their delight, Andy says, "The money was all on him" and "they would wire $500 right away". The group shouts with joy, pauses, is baffled and then immediately questions who the other investor is. As the episode fades to credits, Andy quickly acts naive and said, "he'd ask around" to find out who the fifth investor was (while showing visible signs of relief that he too would also receive his investment back).


  • It is revealed that Floyd is secretary of the Downtown Businessman's Club.
  • As the conman leaves Mayberry, the board at the railroad station displays the arrival time for the train from Ashville. The city is actually spelled Asheville.



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