"Boy giraffes are selfish."
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Inspector with dogs

Original airdate
April 22, 1963
Directed by
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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs is the 30th episode in Season 3 of The Andy Griffith Show.


The courthouse is overrun with dogs.


A state inspector Mr. Somerset is on his way to visit the Mayberry courthouse in order to determine whether or not the sheriff's office needs additional funds. Before he arrives, Opie brings a stray dog in who is followed by another ten of his four-legged friends. Luckily, the inspector happens to raise dogs himself. He befriends the dog-loving sheriff and deputy and sees to it they get the money they need. Afterword, Andy and Barney find homes for the dogs to find the owner looking for his dogs!


  • One of the dogs in the pack is a Basset Hound. In the final scene that shows the dogs together, the Basset is nowhere to be seen.
  • The otterhound appearing in this episode had previously appeared in Jailbreak and would later be featured in Barney's Bloodhound and A Man's Best Friend. He also appears in several episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies as Hiram.
  • In one of the scenes just before Mr. Somerset arrives, Barney does not have his badge on. You can notice it when it shows him up close.
  • Lightening appears to strike right next to the courthouse, since there is no pause between the lightening and thunder.
  • This is one of the rare times we see it rain in Mayberry. The others are in The Jinx, Quiet Sam, A Black Day for Mayberry, and The Gypsies.
  • In the epilogue we find out the person who owned all the dogs was a person named Clint Biggers. Mr. Biggers comes to the courthouse inquiring where all the dogs are (Andy and Barney had found homes for them all).


Barney: "A dog can't get struck by lightning. You know why? Cause he's too close to the ground. See, lightning strikes tall things. Now if they were giraffes out there in the field, now then we'd have trouble. Dogs are short, they take care of there own, giraffes don't. Boy giraffes are selfish."

Barney: It might work
Andy: Might not
Barney: It might
Andy: But it might not
Barney: Well holy smoke, you have to be so negative about it? Can't ya be a little more optimistic? might work
Barney:...but it might not


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