Cousin Virgil


Original airdate
April 30, 1962
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Barney's awkward cousin Virgil visits and makes a mess of everything he tries. When Andy finds something that Virgil is good at, he finds a way to teach him self-confidence.


Barney's cousin Virgil has newly arrived from New Jersey. Not being the brightest bulb in the basket, Virgil can't seem to do anything right, messing up even the smallest and easiest of chores. For instance, while having dinner at The Taylor Home, he dumps the meat in Andy's lap. Andy discovers that Virgil has a latent talent which compensates for his chronic clumsiness.

At the end of the episode, Virgil has to pick a lock to open the cell door - Andy looks away so that Virgil can work alone; the plan works. He is able to open the cell door.


  • When Barney pulls off the wall of the cell, you can see the whole cell move indicating that it is not solid.
  • At the dinner scene cousin Virgil knocks a platter of roast onto Andy's lap, Andy was wearing his sheriffs uniform. At the end of the evening as Andy is seeing Barney and Virgil out the door he is still wearing his uniform; however it is spotless.
  • At the very beginning, where Andy sees Barney sleeping, on the wall behind Barney's head, there is a picture of Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee. That photo can be seen here.
  • This episode is similar to the Season 5 episode The Luck of Newton Monroe.

In the scene

  • Virgil got on the bus that went to Mayberry in a town called Currituck. This is an actual town in North Carolina in the most northeastern part of the state.



Practical Joke

Practical Joke

Andy plays a prank on Barney

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