In the episode "Three Wishes for Opie", a deck of Tarot cards seemingly under the spell of an 18th century Count Istvan Teleky was granting wishes to the folks in the town of Mayberry.

The cards were found inside an ornate box bought at a police auction in Mt. Pilot by Deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) who believed the box was owned by a band of roving gypsies.

To conjure the spirit of the Count, Barney sprinkled dust over the flame of an Aladdin-like oil lamp and read the incantation from a book he found in the box. The spell read:

"I call upon you Oh, Count Teleky, to impart your mystical powers to earthly things. I ask you whose presence hovers over us eternally, to invest these cards with your very spirit."

- The Count is only mentioned, he is never seen.

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