45 Year Book

The Class of 1945 Yearbook was first seen in the episode Class Reunion. Barney and Andy are straightening up when they come across the book. Looking through it, they laugh at their own high school pictures and then grow curious how all their classmates are doing. They decided to throw a class reunion.

Students featured in the YearbookEdit

Courses and Clubs listedEdit

  • Andrew Jackson Taylor: Second Vice-President of the 4H, Secretary, Philomathian and the Literary Society.
  • Bernard Milton Fife: Board of Directors Tin Foil Drive, Hall Monitor, Volley Ball Court Maintenance Crew, Spanish Club and Social Studies 1A (with Ramona Wiley Becktoris)
  • Ramona Wiley Becktoris: Took Social Studies 1A with Barney.
  • Ralph Hanes: A jock that participated in many sports.