Class Reunion


Original airdate
February 4, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Barney and Andy host a school reunion after going through their yearbook, where Andy meets his old girlfriend.


While stumbling upon their old yearbook, Andy and Barney decide to organize their twentieth High School reunion, and all the excitement centers on the return of Andy's old flame Sharon DeSpain. It looks like the torch may be re-lit when Sharon shows up and she and Andy pick up right where they left off, in the garden outside. Both wonder what ever happened when it finally occurs to them both that what separated them in high school is what separates them now. Sharon wants the bright lights and big city, and Andy is happy to stay where he is. Meanwhile, Barney discovers that his old girlfriend Ramona Wiley is married.


  • Barney's full name is Bernard Milton Fife, contradicting his middle name being Oliver in A Plaque for Mayberry.
  • While looking at their old high school yearbook, Andy reads Barney's full name as Bernard Milton Fife. Through most of the series, Barney is known as "Bernard P. Fife".
  • Andy's full name is Andrew Jackson Taylor.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Andy and Barney graduated from Mayberry Union High School in the class of 1945.
  • The yearbook: Class of 1945 Yearbook.
  • These are Andy Griffith and Don Knotts high School pictures in the yearbook!
  • Both Taylor and Fife joined the service In World war II-Fife was a file clerk in Long island New York; Andy service is unknown whether he actually saw combat--World War II for the US officially ended December 31 1946-while the War in Europe ended May 1945 {Andy could have been part of the Army of Occupation in Europe however}
  • The band playing during the class reunion was the original Carl Benson's Wildcats (except for the lady up front who was Carl's mother).
  • An editing glitch can be seen when Barney begins making his sandwich (right before Sharon DeSpain arrives). Barney has part of his sandwich made in the shot before. As Andy joins Barney in the new shot, Barney's sandwich is empty and he begins to make the sandwich again.


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