Bradford J. Taylor
Full Name Bradford J. Taylor
Occupation Exaggerates his successes and wealth
First Episode Aunt Bee's Cousin
Last Episode Aunt Bee's Cousin
Spin-off Appearances
Family Aunt Bee's Cousin
Spouse n/a
Romances n/a
Children n/a
Portrayed by Jack Albertson

Bradford J. Taylor is Aunt Bee's cousin. He owned copper mines in Mexico. They grew up together in West Virgina. Their father's were brothers, and Aunt Bee hadn't seen him since her 20's. He was internationally successful. He had plantation in Brazil, and 41,000 acre sheep ranch in Australia and an adviser to the crown prince of Denmark (all things he exaggerated about to Aunt Bee). When Bradford arrives in town, he comes via a freight cart on the train. Andy stops him and asks him what he's doing, and Bradford comes up with an excuse. Andy quickly realizes that it's Bradford. They go to the courthouse and Andy asks why Bradford keeps fooling Aunt Bee about his successes. Bradford tries to get money out of Andy and the group to open an ice cream business, but Andy rejects the offer and tells his uncle to leave. Before he could leave, Clara stops him and Bradford admits everything. Aunt Bee is about to tell the group the truth about her cousin, but Clara comes into the house and claims the reason he had to leave was for the state department. Aunt Bee decides not to set them straight, and let's the legend of her cousin live on. He was portrayed by Jack Albertson.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 8 -

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