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Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat is a Southern-style jazz band that passes through Mayberry on different occasions in three episodes. Bobby Fleet is the band leader and manager of the group, joined later by Jim Lindsey, a local Mayberry resident, who returns after playing guitar for the band. Eventually, the band returns to Mayberry as "Freddy Fleet and his Band with a Beat," but if Freddie is a relative of Bobby or someone else entirely is unrevealed. (In reality, series writer Everett Greenbaum admitted the renaming of Bobby to Freddy was a mistake, claiming that they did not confirm names and other continuity issues sometimes, and simply forgot the name was supposed to be Bobby.)


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Gallery of Bobby Fleet
Gallery of Jim Lindsey


Limo Airport Bus on00:49

Limo Airport Bus on

The Band arrives into town and later leaves Mayberry

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