Bing russell

Bing Russell (May 5, 1926 - April 8, 2003) appeared in one episode of The Andy Griffith Show. His son is actor Kurt Russell. He played the recurring role of Deputy Clem Foster on "Bonanza". His film appearances include Kiss Me Deadly, Tarantula, Attack, The True Story of Jesse James, Fear Strikes Out, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, The Deadly Mantis, Beau James, Bombers B-52, Good Day for a Hanging, Rio Bravo, The Horse Soldiers, Last Train from Gun Hill, The Magnificent Seven, The Stripper, One Man's Way, Cheyenne Autumn, The Hallelujah Trail, Madame X, Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, Overboard, Sunset, Tango & Cash, Dick Tracy, and the Disney films Blackbeard's Ghost, The Love Bug, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Million Dollar Duck, Now You See Him Now You Don't and The Apple Dumpling Gang.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 3-

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