Big Fish in a Small Town


Original Airdate
November 28, 1966
Directed by
Written by


Fishing season begins, and the town's sportsmen are all eager for a chance to catch "Old Sam", the biggest fish in the lake. Howard, a non-fisherman, tags along and antagonizes everybody by catching him.



  • Floyd mentions his wife while talking to Goober in the barber shop.
  • When Andy and Opie exit the courthouse to the outside, as they are closing the door, in the doorway you see the rifle gun rack as if it was 3 feet from the front door. Familiar interior shots of the courthouse usually show that there is a great distance from the front door to the gun rack.
  • Fishing Season in Mayberry officially starts at 6:30am.
  • Goober's secret bait he plans to use to catch "Old Sam" is a piece of banana peel with red yarn.
  • The fishing spot chosen for this episode is Tucker's Lake although most of the other times Mayberrians have talked about fishing at Myer's Lake.



Andy appears to be whistling the song "Old Dan Tucker" while sitting in the courthouse with Opie.


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