"Thelma Lou got her mad on at ya' has she?"
Barney on the Rebound

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Original airdate
October 30, 1961
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Barney is taken with a new girl in town and he and Thelma Lou have a lover's quarrel and declare their freedom from each other.


Just after having had a spat with Thelma Lou, Barney meets a new arrival in town, the seductive Melissa. After helping her across the street to the Mayberry Post Office, he quickly becomes taken with her and is soon having dinner with Melissa and her "dad".

Before Barney can realize what is happening, she announces that they are engaged and even manages to have a item placed in the local newspaper's gossip column. When he tries to rectify the situation, she threatens to sue him for breach of promise unless they can settle the matter out of court. Andy soon realizes that they are dealing with con artists and takes steps to rectify the matter. Andy brings Barney, Melissa and her husband George into the Courthouse, and proceeds to marry them.


  • Barney pulled up beyond the reserved parking space and parked right beside the fire plug so he could talk to Thelma Lou. The female con artist in this episode pulled up right behind the squad car where Barney parked it and that was actually the spot that was reserved for the squad car. That is why Barney stopped his conversation with Thelma - so he could tell the driver to move the car. Technically, Barney should have wrote himself a ticket or gotten Gomer to do a citizens arrest. In an earlier episode Barney is seen pacing off steps from the back bumper of a car, toward the fireplug because he thought he was going to be able to write a ticket but the car was legal by 2 inches he said. The distance he paced off looked to be about 8 to 10 feet of that same fireplug, so Barney surely parked too close in this episode.


Barney: All I did was turn out the light to cool off the room and, BOOM, I'm engaged!


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