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Barney and the Governor

BarneyAndTheGovernor (179)

Original airdate
January 7, 1963


Barney issues a citation when the governor's chauffeur parks in a no parking zone.


Barney is goaded into ticketing the governor's car and mistakenly believes Andy is setting him up for a dressing-down by the governor. In fact, the governor is coming to Mayberry to give him a personal commendation for performing a job without showing favorites. In the midst of all the action, Otis secretly spikes the water tank, giving both Barney and Mayor Stoner a surprise snootful.


  • Although automobiles for the series were furnished by Ford, the governor's car is a Cadillac limousine.
  • The license plate on the governor's car reads A1A Noth Capolnja. (Perhaps the strange spelling is to prevent any legal problems with a plate actually reading "North Carolina.")
  • The Governor's chauffeur is played by Ron Howard's father, Rance.
  • This episode includes the first appearance of the courthouse water crock which will remain in future episodes.
  • Although The Governor stops by to "Pay his Respect" to good ol'Barn, he never Paid his fine. Pretty slick, even for a Politician.
  • Barney unwittingly drank moonshine and became intoxicated once before, in "The Keeper of the Flame".


Barney: (drunk) Put that in your smipe and poke it.

Mayor: The Governor's...not mad... at all.

Andy: Thanks to you Mayor. If you and him wasn't such good friends, ain't no telling what might have happened.


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