Barney and the Choir


Original airdate
February 19, 1962
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When the awful sound coming from the Mayberry choir is narrowed down to Barney, the members decide they must get rid of him.


Barney volunteers to sing the tenor position in the Mayberry choir. Desperate, John Masters gives him the job, without hearing him sing first. At the first practice, however, everyone in the choir realizes just how bad Barney sings good Ol' 14A off key. During practices, the choir does their best to sneak around Barney- yet he continues to find them. The only plan that Andy can come up with, as to not hurt Barney's feelings, is to give him his own solo -- however, it has a catch. Andy instructs Barney to sing very low - basically not making a sound. As he does this, Glen Cripe sings behind a curtain. A naive Barney doesn't even realize this isn't his own voice, and the stunt works in the end.


  • Don Knotts sang off key, on purpose. The evidence that he could correctly sing on key was shown in the episodes "The Guitar Player" and "Man in a Hurry".
  • In The Manhunt, Otis says he is in choir, but he doesn't appear to be in this episode.
  • Welcome Sweet Springtime or "Good Ol' 14A" is the song chosen by the choir.
  • The is the first appearance of John Masters, Mayberry Choir Director (and part time hotel clerk).


Thelma Lou: Barney's going to be in the choir? My Barney?
Andy: That's right.
Thelma Lou: But Barney can't sing.
Andy: I know.
Thelma Lou: He's a warm, wonderful person and I love him dearly; but he can't sing.
Andy: That's true.
Thelma Lou: He's kind, considerate, good-hearted - the most gentle person I've ever known; but he can't sing.
Andy: You're right.
Thelma Lou: He's the man I want to marry - the man I want to be the father of my children...
Andy: But he can't sing.
Thelma Lou: Not a lick!

Andy: "Now listen, Barney will do the solos alright, but it won't be with his voice.

Barney: "Yeah its tough alright. As my old voice teacher use to say, a choir without its tenor is like a star without its glimmer. You know who use to say that? My old voice teacher. Teacher I had when I studied voice."

Barney: "I got a uvula, you've got a uvula, all God's children got a uvula!"
Andy: "Hallelujah"


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