Barney Runs for Sheriff


Original Airdate
February 8, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Andy misses the filing deadline for the election.


When Andy tells Barney that he's probably going to accept a job with a major international corporation, Barney thinks he's crazy - until Andy suggests that he should run for Sheriff. Suddenly, Barney isn't as concerned about Andy's departure and files his papers to run in the upcoming election. When Andy's new job falls through, he finds himself in the situation of not being on the ballot but Barney and several of the townsfolk start a write-in campaign to get him re-elected. Barney is somewhat humiliated however as it becomes obvious that Andy will beat him in a landslide so he decides to campaign and eventually challenges Andy to a debate.

  • When Barney and Andy debate, Barney claims to have 76 cases of malfeasance against Andy but discusses only 3 of those 76.


  • During the debate Andy says there hasn't been an accident uptown in the last five years. However, Malcolm Merriweather caused $40 worth of damage in an accident two years earlier in Andy's English Valet, and there was a traffic jam and a car wreck in Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor.
  • The job Andy is considering (offered by hunting buddy Ed Crumpacker) would require him to relocate to St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • When Andy and Barney debate, Barney claims to have 76 cases of malfeasance against Andy but only discusses 3 of those 76.


Goober: Ain't you got a jack?

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