Barney Mends a Broken Heart

Mends broken heart

Original airdate
November 5, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Andy's jealous side shows, when Peggy entertains a friend from out of town and breaks her date with Andy. Unfortunately, Barney tries to help Andy by arranging dates with less than desirable women.


Andy shows up for a date with Peggy, only to learn her old friend Don has arrived unexpectedly. Andy departs angrily when Peggy breaks their date and then encounters more problems when Barney decides to make things better by fixing him up with other women.

First Barney surprises Andy with a visit, bringing Thelma Lou and Lydia Crosswaithe to his home. Andy finally gets them to leave, taking Lydia with them.

Barney's second attempt to fix Andy up with a woman, is when he contacts a girl named Skippy in Mt. Pilot. Barney asks Skippy to bring along her friend Daphne to the Tip Top Cafe. In order to get Andy to the cafe, Barney lies and says the restaurant is selling liquor illegally. It isn't long after arriving, that Andy realizes it was all a rouse, and that Barney is just trying to fix him up with another woman. Daphne's jealous boyfriend shows up at the cafe, and after words are exchanged, Andy gets punched in the eye.

The next day, Peggy arrives at the courthouse to drop off some papers. She notices Andy's black eye and begins to dote on him. After both she and Andy apologize, the two make up.


  • This is the first appearance of The Fun Girls.
  • Thelma Lou's phone number is 247.
  • Skippy's phone number is 327 Mt. Pilot.
  • Thelma Lou has her hair partially down during the scene with Lydia and Andy. She usually wears it up off of her neck most of the time.
  • We hear Skippy calling Barney "Berney" for the first time.
  • This episode showed a rare jealous side of Andy Taylor.


Andy: "Go feed your hungry buzzard!"

Barney: "It's therapetic!"
Andy: "It's what?!"

Lydia: "I hate the outdoors. When I go out into the sun, I get the herpes."

Barney: "You'll never be lonely as long as I'm around."

Andy: "I don't know what I did to deserve all this attention from him, but whatever it was, I ain't never going to do it again."


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