Barney's Replacement


Original airdate
October 9, 1961
Directed by
Written by


When an attorney is sent to Mayberry for law enforcement training, Barney mistakenly believes the man is his replacement and quits the police force to become a vacuum-cleaner salesman.


This episode finds Deputy Fife becoming jealous of rookie Bob Rogers, a go-getting lawman from the state attorney's office. He has been sent to Mayberry to study law enforcement first-hand. When Rogers turns out to be exceedingly efficient, Barney's paranoia sets in and he convinces himself that Andy intends to hire Rogers as his replacement, Barney quits his job and becomes a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. Andy must prove how much Barney is really needed. This was the first episode filmed for the show's second season, although it was not the first one shown.


  • Although Barney gets mad and resigns from the force several times before he finally resigns and move to Raleigh after the fifth season, this is the only time Barney ever spends any real time away from the force.
  • Barney mentions that he and Thelma Lou will be getting hitched soon. Although this never came to pass until the "Return to Mayberry" movie, it's notable that the writers had their union in mind early in the series.
  • On Barney's first attempt at selling sweepers, he walks up on Clara's porch. From beside the vantage point of the filming camera, we can see the lighting department is a little late, and you can see that someone with a handheld light reflector begins to aim some sunlight onto Clara's porch which is just a little too shady. Watch the front door as soon as Barney gets on the porch. The reflected light begins on the door and once they discover the aim is off, they pan it to the left untill it shines on Barney.
  • When Barney is writing out a ticket for Bob Rogers for illegal parking, after telling him that he was just trying to teach him a lesson, he tears up the ticket & throws it on the ground. A definite case of littering.


Barney: You'd better gird your loins, buster! You got a fight on your hands!

Barney: A wink's as good as a nod to a blind mule.


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