"This is the body of a judo fighter. I'm a deadly weapon!"
Barney's Uniform


Original airdate
November 9, 1964
Directed by
Written by


When a tough guy threatens to beat up Barney if he catches him out of uniform, Barney begins to wear the uniform all the time.


On his way back from finding out that Old Man Goss has misplaced his salt and pepper suit, Barney spots Fred Plummer sweeping litter into the street and tickets him. Plummer pays the ticket but vows revenge, threatening to get his money's worth the first time he catches Barney out of uniform. Andy learns of the threat and arranges for Mr. Izamoto (Barney's judo instructor) to dress up in Barney's salt and pepper suit and teach Plummer a lesson by beating him up.


Behind the ScenesEdit

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