Barney's Physical

Barneys Physical

Original airdate
September 28, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Barney needs to gain weight and height to pass the physical.


On Barney's fifth anniversary with the sheriff's department, Andy learns that Barney's job is in jeopardy when the state passes new height and weight requirements. Andy breaks the news to Barney, who loses his temper and decides to quit. Andy doesn't give in so fast. He gets Bee to fatten him up and uses a harness Asa was given by Doc Harvey to stretch him to meet the new standards.


  • In this episode Barney celebrates his fifth year on the force. His time on the force varies, in Citizen's Arrest he mentions he's been on the force for ten years. In Irresistible Andy, he had only been in for 18 months.
  • In a blooper, as Aunt Bee, Thelma Lou, Floyd and Opie are preparing for Barney's surprise party, the single date calendar of the wall reads "May 15". After Barney enters the courthouse the date has changed to "May 16".
  • Andy wears a tie with his uniform in this episode.
  • Barney is 5 Feet 7 inches and weighs 138 pounds


Andy: You met Thelma Lou?
Barney: No, that was in 1960 at Wilton Blair's funeral.
Andy: Oh yeah.
Barney: Try again.
Andy: You moved into Miss Mendelbright's boarding house.
Barney: No.
Andy: As far as I can figure, those are the high spots.

Barney: "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a man with his head in a harness before?"


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