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Barney's letters to his friends back in Mayberry.

A Letter from BarneyEdit

From episode: Andy Saves GomerEdit

Dear Peasants (Ha Ha): Would have written sooner but Virgil and I have been on the go every minute since we got here and checked into the Y. It sure isn't like Mayberry, where they roll up the sidewalks every night. Ha. Ha.

Last night was really wild. We went to the arcade and played four games of skee-ball. There was a magic store there, and I bought a tin inkblot that looks like the real thing. Can't wait to put it on Aunt Bee's tablecloth and watch her face. Ha. Ha.

Next, Virgil had a tie painted for him while I shot at a tin bear with an air rifle. Let me tell you, ol' sharpshooter Barn really pinged up the place. Then we went in a booth where you get four pictures for a quarter. I was going to send you one, but it turned brown later.

After that we had supper at a waffle shop where the waitresses all dress alike in peekaboo blouses, and let me tell you. . .[Andy couldn't read this part aloud because Opie was listening].

Have to close now. Having fun but money sure doesn't last. Been here only three days and already gone through $10. Well, see you in the funny papers. Ha Ha.


Another Letter from BarneyEdit

From episode: Goober Takes a Car ApartEdit

Dear Andy: It certainly is exciting up here in Raleigh. Really having a ball. My head hasn't hit the pillow before 11:15 since I got here. Catching all the shows. Saw that Italian picture that we read about in the paper, Bread, Love and Beans, and it was plenty risque, let me tell you.

The food here in the cafeteria is terrific, and I've been eating up a storm. The breakfast special is unbelievable: three hot cakes, two strips of bacon, one egg- any style, juice, and coffee, all for 35 cents. It's served only between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., but I can't sleep anyway.

I ran into a fellow on the street the other day who tried to sell me an iron deer for my front lawn, but I don't know.

Well, it's almost 5:00, so I better get down to breakfast. Love to Aunt Bee, Opie, Floyd, Goober and all the boys.

10-4, Over and Out, Barney
P.S. I'm not saying anything, but there is an awful lot of pretty women up here. Ha Ha.

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