Remember all those times Barney Fife said one thing, yet meant another?

Barney's BlundersEdit

  • mulage for a moulage kit
  • compelsions for compulsions
  • inovert for introvert
  • Smith Brothers Institution for the Smithsonian
  • heeliocopter for helicopter
  • klepotmenerac for kleptomaniac
  • Einsteen for Einstein
  • inarculated for inoculated (he really meant incarcerated)
  • extra-sensitive perception for ESP
  • schizofreeniac for schizophrenic
  • nave for naive
  • larnyx for larynx
  • fire by constriction for fire by combustion
  • viz-a-viz for vis-a-vis ("you know- hand-to-hand")
  • boodoor for boudoir
  • Sigmund Frude for Freud
  • demore for demure
  • noblesse oblage for noblesse oblige
  • therapetic for therapeutic
  • petulla obondalla for medulla oblongata
  • safary for safari
  • constriction for friction
  • compelsion for compulsion 
  • fuh-sish-us for facetious

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