Barney's Bloodhound


Original airdate
October 26, 1964
Directed by
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Barney tries to train a dog to do police work.


Barney's latest addition to the force is Blue, a dog he attempts to train as a crime-fighting Bloodhound. The whole scheme backfires when Barney leads Blue to a criminal and the dog likes the lawbreaker better than the law enforcer. Blue comes through eventually, but only by accident. Blue hates the sound of the dog whistle, so Andy tricks the convict into blowing it, prompting Blue to attack him, enabling Andy and Barney to nab their man.


  • This is the only episode where Barney uses a dog to track a criminal.
  • In the courthouse scene where Barney is demonstrating to Andy how well Blue responds to the dog whistle, the rope used as Blue's leash is tied to his collar in most shots. But in one shot in the middle of the scene the rope is off the collar and laying on the courthouse floor next to Blue. In the next shot it is once again tied to the collar.
  • The otterhound that appears as Blue had previously appeared in Jailbreak, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Bargain Day, and would later appear in A Man's Best Friend.
  • This is the third episode featuring a criminal hiding out at The Lake. The others are The Manhunt and Andy's Vacation.
  • The Exterior of the cabin is the same from, Convicts-at-Large, although the interior is completely different.


Andy: Has that dog been in here before, Floyd?
Floyd: Oh, yes. Barney had him in here a little while ago and I gave him a lollipop. Oh, he's a smart dog. He knew where to get another one.
Barney: (annoyed) It was NOT the lollipop he was after. He was after the man's scent – that's all – just the scent.
Floyd: Oh, no, no, no. I think it was the candy. I smell of witch hazel and shaving cream. That wouldn't interest him. No, no, no, it was definitely the candy.
Andy: Good. Good dog. He'll probably lead us right to the criminal. Provided he's travelin' around with a pocketful of lollipops


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