Bargain Day

Back Porch

Original airdate
March 23, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee stores a side of beef in a faulty freezer.


Aunt Bee's bargain shopping gets out of control. Diamond Jim's, a new butcher shop, opens and Aunt Bee heads there hunting for a bargain. She walks out with a side of beef to put in her "bargain" freezer that she discovers doesn't work. Now stuck with a freezer full of 150lbs of thawing beef, she must return to Mr. Foley for help, but even though Foley offers to store the meat, Andy won't allow it. Andy buys a brand-new freezer for Aunt Bee instead.


  • In the episode we see Opie shirtless. This one of the only times in the entire series that we see a character without a shirt. We actually see one other character shirtless - in Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee we see Briscoe Darling sitting in a washtub taking a bath with no shirt!
  • Though the front porch is often shown this episode marks the first appearance of the Taylor's back porch. In an earlier episode Mr. McBeevee (episode) the back door (the door out of the kitchen) opened up directly into the back yard.


Andy: “There are no freezer mechanics around here. Now, call the man.”
Aunt Bee: “How about Fred, who works for Louise Palmer? He’s very accommodating.”
Andy: “Aunt Bee, he don’t know anything about freezers. Now call the man!”
Aunt Bee: “Well, he helped me fix a clothes line once…”
Andy: “Aunt Bee, just call the man. Call the man!”

Andy: "What do you got in there, a body?"

Gomer (reading label): Serviced by Ed's Refrigeration March 3, 1951.  Just think Aunt Bee, over 12 years ago a feller named Ed sat here and worked on this thang just like I'm doin now.  Makes ya think!


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