Banjo-Playing Deputy


Original Airdate
May 3, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Andy hires an unemployed musician.


When Andy forces the harem dancer show at the carnival to shut down, the owner decides to move on but leaves his one-man band, Jerry, behind. Andy takes pity on the jobless and penniless young man and invites him home for dinner. With Barney away, Aunt Bee suggests to Andy that he should hire Jerry to do some general work around the courthouse. Andy decides to try him out, but the somewhat inept Jerry has ideas about being a Deputy that don't quite work out. When Aunt Bee has her purse snatched at the carnival however, Jerry knows exactly who did it and shows his mettle to get it back.


  • This is the last episode shown in black and white.
  • The character played by Hope Summers is listed in the credits as 'Miss Bedloe'. However, when she goes into the Courthouse to complain to Andy about the dancing at the carnival, he greets her as Miss Edwards, referring to her character name in previous and later episodes - Clara Edwards.
  • This episode is a rare example of a continuation of a previous episode. "Banjo-Playing Deputy" takes place at the same carnival used in episode 158, Opie and the Carnival.
  • Mary Lansing is listed as Miss Roundtree in the credits, even though Andy refers to her as Miss Lukens.
  • Andy told Jerry that he had business to attend in Mount Pilot. How and why did he wind up at the carnival so quickly to break up the fight that Jerry got into?
  • Andy told Jerry to do the school crossing at Haymore and Rockford street. This is an actual intersection in Andy's hometown Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The real streets can be seen here: Haymore and Rockford.

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