Bailey's Bad Boy

Pictures 024

Original airdate
January 15, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Andy teaches self-reliance and responsibility to the spoiled son of a rich man.


Ronald Bailey, is the son of a wealthy and powerful man by the name of John Judson Bailey and as a result he’s spoiled and used to getting his way. He has no qualms spreading his name around, only he is due to get a lesson from Sheriff Taylor when he is caught speeding through Mayberry. He’s a pompous youth who doesn’t take anything seriously. He just wants to continue doing whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it. Naturally, he’s met his match when he has to deal with Andy Taylor. Andy arrests him and promptly takes him home for supper.

The easy way of life in rural Mayberry and the simplicity of a Sunday meal begins to reach the spoiled Bailey. The best part is what he learns from watching Andy with his son Opie. It’s all about a broken window and how its replacement is going to be paid for. The scene is sweet and pure, and it’s what really gets through to Bailey. By the end, it’s no surprise that Bailey has finally grown up into a man, a responsible one who wants to take care of his own messes instead of being bailed out one more time.


  • Andy assigns Barney to watch the bicycles at the movie house. No reason is given as to why he is doing this; maybe there is a bicycle thief in Mayberry.
  • In this episode, Barney spends the night at the courthouse as someone usually does when there's an overnight prisoner.
  • While most of the vehicles used in the series are Ford's, Fletch Dilbeck's truck is a Chevrolet.
  • Bill Bixby's character, Ronald, is 19 in this episode but the actor is actually 27.
  • Although He chose to stand on his on two feet, which is something that we all have a hard time doing, he did chose a most inopportune time to do so. Hit & run would bring some jail time, even prison.
  • Barney has stayed up with Otis before, once he had to Read Jack & The Beanstalk.


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