Aunt Bee the Warden


Original airdate
March 12, 1962
Directed by
Written by

"Oh No! Not Bloody Mary!"
―Otis (about Aunt Bee)[src]


Aunt Bee takes it upon herself to reform Otis.


The Gordon boys are brought in for moon-shining, and when Otis arrives for his regular stay at the jail, there is no room at the inn. When the Gordon boys accuse Otis of turning them in, Andy has no choice but to take Otis home to let him sleep it off at the Taylor House . Come morning, Otis finds that he's been turned over to "Bloody Mary," aka Aunt Bee, who decides to rehabilitate Otis once and for all.


  • Andy is shown with a cast on his arm (supposedly from a sprained wrist he got bringing in the Gordon boys). However, the cast has little or no impact on the plot and Andy is still wearing it in the next episode. This is because, in real life, Andy Griffith actually sprained his wrist driving his fist through a wall. The reason for this seemingly uncharacteristic outburst has been debated for years. Some say it was because of a fight he had with his then wife Barbara Griffith (who appears in The Song Festers), but no one really knows for sure. From a purely episodic standpoint of saving the storyline, the writers should have changed the opening scene in light of Andy's cast. The show opens with Andy in the squadcar, barreling down a dirt road at high speed, with lights on and siren blaring because he's in a big rush to get his 4 prisoners to the courthouse. When he gets there, we see that to make matters even worse, he only had 2 pair of handcuffs to use on 4 prisoners, meaning that all 4 guys had 1 free arm to further resist arrest and try to escape as Andy drives the car. He's also barely able to hold onto the shotgun he's carrying when he gets out of the car. Barney asks what happen to his arm, and Andy replied that he got hurt apprehending the prisoners, and that he stopped off to get the doctor to put a cast on his arm. Applying a cast would have taken a good bit of time, all the while being limited to 1 arm at the docs office, and chancing that the prisoners would put up further attempts to escape. In light of all this it made no sense to open the show with him blazing down the road with light and siren. The dramatic effect was nice but ruined the story a bit. If he had an hour or so to stop off for a cast, what was the big hurry afterwards to get to the jail? He should have taken the prisoners to jail first and then go to get his arm fixed. This is why they should have changed the opening scene to eliminate the speeding squadcar part.
  • In a blooper, as the delivery man opens the back doors of the truck for Aunt Bee who is looking for Otis, a microphone boom can be seen in the reflection of the driver side window.
  • Otis sings the Larry Clinton song "The Dipsy Doodle".
  • Andy wears a gun in this episode.
  • Otis says he is through with drinking at the end of this episode, but he will return to it later.


  • Barney: Great work, chief. Who are they? What'd you get 'em on? 502? 626? 308? Want me to send out an "APB"?
  • Andy: An "All Points Bulletin", Barney? They're already here; they're captured.

  • Barney: Now here I've got a leather craft set, a wood craft set, a metal craft set, and.. a Mr. Potato Set! Now, c'mon, pick any one you want, don't matter to me!
  • Junior: I'll take the Mr. Potato set.

  • Otis: "Andy you gotta get me out of this! She's about to work me to death!"
  • Andy: "Aunt Bee?"
  • Otis: "Aunt Bee?? Bloody Mary!!"

  • Aunt Bee: “Otis? Otis? What was that you said about being a prisoner?”
  • Otis: “Oh I said…I’m a prisoner in this house and I expect to be treated like one.”
  • Aunt Bee: “Well, if you’re a prisoner, I’m responsible for you, and that makes me the warden!”
  • Otis: “Oh Aunt Bee don’t holler so much, please. I got a head that feels like it was in a drawer all night. Now will you go away?”
  • Aunt Bee: “Get up prisoner and get to work!”
  • Otis: “Work!?”
  • Aunt Bee: “That’s right and you can start with your room! Clean it up!”
  • Otis: “Clean? OH! Andy! Where’s Andy? I’m a prisoner!”


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