Aunt Bee the Crusader

FRisby House Women picket Infoxbox

Original airdate
January 20, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee stages a protest when a farmer is threatened with eminent domain.


Aunt Bee champions the cause of a small farmer named Mr. Frisby, who has been forced to sell his farm to make way for a new highway. When Bee leads a group of ladies in a demonstration, Andy and Barney head out to break up the protest and stumble over a group of six stills Farmer Frisbee has hidden under the hen house.

Mr. Frisby comes by the Taylor House to give Opie Beau and Aunt Bee a moustache cup. She proceeds to explain that the county is running him off his property in order to make room for a new highway system. Aunt Bee says that she will go to the courthouse to speak to Andy about the matter.

When Otis is leaving the courthouse, Barney stops him and has Andy ask where he's getting the alcohol. Barney then decides to give him a sobriety test. When Aunt Bee arrives to speak to Andy, Otis takes his chance and leaves. While Barney goes on and on about the County, Andy finally makes him realize that they work for the County.

Aunt Bee arrives at Mr Frisbees farm with a group of lady demonstrators from Mayberry.They try to persuade Andy to save Mr frisbees farm.

After Opie discovers a drunk rooster Andy discovers that Mr. Frisby is hiding a moon-shining still under his shed. The women are shocked that they were helping him by keeping the still running.


Otis: "Would you betray a trust?!"

Barney:(Slapping a ruler on the palm of his hand) "Where you gettin' it..where you gettin' it.....Where You Gettin' It.....WHERE ARE YOU GETTIN' IT???!!"

Lady crusaders:(singing) "We will not sing! We will not sing!"


  • Among the protest signs the women carry are "The County Has No Heart"; "Highways Are Killers"; "Is There No Mercy?"; "Don't Patronize This Jail"; "Stop The Land Grab"; and Aunt Bee's sign, "Sheriff Taylor Is Unfair."
  • Barney quotes law #204: "Bribery, collusion, tampering with and/or intimidation of material witnesses."
  • Mr. Frisby is hinted as having been The Taylor's butter and egg man for some time, however this is the first and last time that we see him.

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