Original Airdate

November 13, 1967


Professor Hubert St. John is conducting a symposium in Mayberry on his tour and knowledge of South America and their native tribes. Being hospitable citizens, the Taylor's invite the professor to their home for dinner, much to the chagrin of Clara who is Mayberry's hospitality chair (Aunt Bee smooths things over with Clara by inviting her as well). Upon meeting Aunt Bee, Professor St. John instantly becomes enamored with "Beatrice" because she bears a striking resemblance to his late wife, Ethel.

Though Aunt Bee is somewhat creeped out by the professors constant stares and is put off that his attraction is based on her resemblance to his deceased wife, she agrees to go on a picnic with the professor and a date later on that evening. However, on their date Aunt Bee is inundated with non-stop talk of Ethel by Professor St. John.

After discussing her plight with Andy, it is determined the only way to break the professors attraction is for Aunt Bee to fake a personality that is unlike Ethel's. When the professor shows up to the Taylor house to take Aunt Bee out on another date, he sits with Andy while Aunt Bee finishes getting ready. Andy mentions that Aunt Bee is a lady about town and enjoys taking entertainment filled trips to Florida and New York and frequents dance clubs. The professor is instantly put off. When Aunt Bee comes downstairs to greet the professor she mentions dance clubs and bars she wants to frequent that evening and late night. The professor realizes Aunt Bee is nothing like Ethel and apologizes for breaking their date.

As the professor exits the Taylor home, he meets Clara who is coming home from the market. She mentions she's going home to bake a pie and enjoys being a "home body". The show closes with the professor and Clara walking arm and arm down the sidewalk.


  • In the epilogue we learn that Clara and the professor didn't hit it off because she too was compared to Ethel. Clara, who is responsible for booking the lecturers, has decided to bring in a lecturer on Mongolia because he's single and has never been married.



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