Aunt Bee's Romance

Aunt Bees Romance MAIN2

Original airdate
October 19, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Andy dislikes Aunt Bee's old boyfriend Roger Hanover.


Aunt Bee gets a letter from her old beau, Roger Hanover, who informs her he will be passing through Mayberry and plans on paying her a visit. Bee is excited, but Andy and Opie soon become annoyed at Roger's bad jokes and gags. The real reason for Roger's visit is revealed. Roger hints to Andy that if he doesn't fork over $400, he just might have himself a new uncle. Andy calls his bluff, and Roger backs off, packs his bags, and hits the road.



Andy: Well, ‘scuse me. You must be the teenaged baby-sitter. I was lookin'... Why it's you!
Aunt Bee: (laughs) Oh, Andy.
Andy: Aunt Bee, look at you. I declare you look good enough to take to Chinatown!
Aunt Bee: (showing her jacket) I lined it in red. It doesn't show, but I think it gives it a little more style.
Andy: (whistles) New hairdo, red linin' on your jacket, peach ice cream!


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