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Aunt Bee's Medicine Man


Original airdate
March 11, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Colonel Harvey, a traveling medicine man comes to Mayberry and captivates Aunt Bee.


Aunt Bee falls under the spell of traveling medicine man Colonel Harvey, but it turns out that the spell is mostly alcohol induced. Andy comes home to find Bee and her lady friends half cocked on the colonel's elixir and has to run them all in. A few hours later he nabs the colonel himself for peddling liquor.


  • After dinner, when Col. Harvey starts to light up a cigar, Opie asks him if he can make smoke come out of his ears. This is a reference to the Mr. McBeevee episode. In that show, Mr. McBeevee does a trick of making smoke come out of his ears, which is one of the things that Opie tells Andy and Barney that make them doubt Mr. McBeevee's existence.
  • The Taylor's Home was given as 332 Maple Rd. by Aunt Bee. However, in Jailbreak, it is given by Barney as 24 Elm Street.


Andy: That stuff of the Colonel's that's supposed to purge the body and lift the spirit… actually what it does is give you a buzz. The Colonel calls it "elixir". Other names are "hooch", "booze", "happy water", "old red-eye". In other words, ladies, you got "gassed".


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