Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau

Hendricks invisible beau 1

Original Airdate
March 29, 1965
Written by
Directed by
"Chicken Coop Casanova.. that’s what he is!"


Aunt Bee tells Andy she's dating the butter and egg man.


Opie goes off to spend the night with a friend, leaving Andy and Bee to fend for themselves. Andy and Helen decide to spend the evening with Bee so she won't be alone. Later, Clara convinces Bee that she is now the "third wheel" and could keep romance from blossoming between Andy and Helen. The next evening, Andy, again, invites Bea to join him and Helen, but she declines, saying she has a date. Andy's surprise leads to questions, and she makes up that Mr. Hendricks, the "Butter and Egg" man is her beau. All is happy and well until Barney discovers (through Mr Hendricks' son) that Mr. Hendricks is married. Andy confronts the egg man and discovers the truth. Bee is then forced to admit the real reason for her invention. Andy assures her that everything is fine, and that he, she and Opie are a family, and if Helen some day joins that family, Bee will certainly not be in the way.


  • Clara has a son named Gale.
  • Clara has a boyfriend of 5 years named Clark Cooper.
  • The basic plot premise of this installment- Aunt Bee feigning interest in a man because, at Clara's insistence, her presence in the Taylor home is preventing Andy from finding a wife- was used before in the Season 2's "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee".
  • In the second half of this episode Andy is sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper. The paper is an actual copy of Andy's hometown journal from Mount Airy, North Carolina.
  • Code 42-J means a "character report".
  • Mr. Hendricks son's name is Evan.

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