Andy on Trial

Andy on trial 6

Original airdate
April 23, 1962
Directed by
Written by


J. Howard Jackson, an unscrupulous publisher, and his associate Jean Boswell try to undermine Andy's position in Mayberry.


Andy travels to Mr. Jackson's office to inform him of his outstanding ticket. As it is too late to simply pay the ticket, Andy brings Mr. Jackson into the courthouse. Angered by a mere $15.00 ticket, J. Howard Jackson vows to get even by having Andy removed from office. Barney unwittingly helps Jackson by providing "evidence" against Andy to girl reporter Jean Boswell (Ruta Lee). When Andy's case is brought to court, it is the shamefaced Barney who saves the day.


  • Barney's monologue during Andy's trial is one of the series' most touching moments. Although often at odds with Andy when it comes to by-the-book procedure versus down home common sense Barney realizes and expresses how Andy's "by the heart" approach is far superior when dealing with the people you live with in your hometown.
  • Barney refers to The New Housekeeper, where Emma Watson jaywalked. This is also the last mention of Emma Watson on the series.
  • This episode was voted one of the top 10 fan favorite episodes.


Barney: You gotta understand, this is a small town. The sheriff is more than just a sheriff. He's a friend. And the people in this town, they ain't got a better friend than Andy Taylor.


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