"Let Miss Peggy have some fun, Paw. Besides, I'm starving!"
Andy and Opie Bachelors

And opie bachelors kitchen mess MAIN infbox

Original airdate
October 22, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee leaves town for a few days, leaving Andy and Opie to take care of themselves. When Peggy volunteers to cook for them, Floyd tries to convince Andy that she is trying to catch a husband.


The Andy Griffith Show: Andy and Opie - Bachelors, which aired back in October 1962, was the second episode to include Joanna Moore as Andy’s girlfriend, Peggy McMillan. Like Mary Simpson, the last gal to have Andy’s affections, Peggy was a nurse. In her first appearance, we learned that she was new to Mayberry and had a wealthy father.

In this show, we learn even more about Peggy. As the show evolves, Peggy wants to make sure Andy and Opie eat well, so she makes them dinner. For some reason, Floyd, decides to give Andy a hard time about Peggy’s intentions. He makes Andy believe that Peggy is only helping because she is wanting marriage.


  • The song Andy and Peggy sing is "Down in the Valley," a traditional American folk song.
  • Opie says Andy's favorite is crusted chicken but in other episodes his favorite is leg of lamb.


Behind the ScenesEdit

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